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Article: 12 Skin-Care Tips to Live By In 2021

12 Skin-Care Tips to Live By In 2021 - Dr Botanicals

12 Skin-Care Tips to Live By In 2021

As we’re slowly wrapping up 2020, we might be noticing surprising effect this crazy year’s had on our bodies. Our skin has inevitably suffered, and with the harsh weather approaching, now is the time to start treating it a better and pick up some good skincare habits to practice in 2021.
So as you’ve probably already mastered our 2020 list, we give you 12 more tips and tricks!

Clean Up Your Diet
Our skin reflects what’s on the menu. Ever heard of sushi-face?
The phenomenon of facial bloating, or puffiness, happens due to water retention caused by food high in sodium. On the other end of the spectrum, caffeine stimulates the excretion of water from the body, dehydrating your skin.
And we all know the dangers of the acne-inducing sugar!
Minimize Screentime
With most of us working from home and constantly staring at various screens, it’s important to mention the effects blue light – the light emitted by the screens of our digital devices – has not only on our eyes, but the skin too.
Blue light causes photo-ageing, a combination of colour changes, inflammation, and loss of elasticity. So once you get all your work done, step away from the computer and find yourself some non-digital activity.
Follow Your Post-Treatment Aftercare
Treatments like permanent makeup have been extremely popular, and it seems this won’t change any time soon. However, if you’ve ever had this type of treatment, you know aftercare takes time and effort, and many people give up halfway through it, which can have disastrous consequences. For example, if you get microblading and ignore aftercare, you’ll end up with patchy brows and a skin infection.
So let’s make it a New Year’s resolution to follow all instructions our beauty techs give us! If you’re considering getting microblading, make sure you get fully acquainted with the microblading aftercare process before you commit.

Try Retinol
Retinol is a super powerful skincare ingredient. This form of vitamin A stimulates the production of collagen and gives amazing anti-ageing results within 6 months. The catch is, of course, choosing the right product.
SkinChemist’s retinol collection is made from the highest quality ingredients blended in various powerful formulas. So explore our range and treat yourself to some retinol this New Year’s!
Fix Your Sleeping Schedule
Our daily routines have been changing significantly this year and many people’s sleep schedules got mixed up, leading to dark under eye circles and puffiness.
We all know about the importance of the 8-hour beauty sleep, but quantity isn’t enough. Quality sleep can only be achieved through consistency, so in 2021, organize your time so you always go to bed and wake up at around the same time.
This will give your skin the time to rest, take in your nighttime products, and it’ll glow throughout the day.


Sunscreen – The Ultimate Staple
This is something that needs to be repeated every autumn and winter, as we tend to get lazy with our sunscreen as soon as sun isn’t scorching.
Regardless of the temperature, apply sunscreen with at least 15 SPF. This blocks those sneaky UVA and UVB rays that cause wrinkles and discoloration.
A Farewell to Tanning Beds
Let’s make 2021 the year we finally abolish the tanning bed. Tanning beds maximize all the bad effects sunlight has on our skin. This one we won’t even get into. Just don’t do it.
Clean Your Makeup Brushes
You clean your face everyday after wearing makeup, but when was the last time you cleaned your brushes?
MUAs suggest washing them at least once a month, as the built-up dirt and bacteria cause break outs. There are many brush cleaning products on the market, but the budget friendly baby shampoo works just fine.
Try Skin Superfoods
The so-called Superfoods have been a huge trend in skincare in the last few years, and for a good reason. These ingredients come from nature, which is always a plus, and most of them are also foods! Of course, not in their skincare form!
Dr Botanicals features Superfoods as main ingredients, blended in special formulas that do wonders for the skin.
Don’t Overdo It
The search for the perfect skincare product is a process, but switching up your routine too often can leave your skin irritated and cause break outs. So instead of dismissing a product you don’t like right off the bat and replacing it, give it some time.
A new product every week does more harm than good.
Manage the Mask
Everyone is dealing with the facial mask induced break outs right now, but the solution is quite simple – wash your face and your mask regularly, and don’t wear makeup underneath. This may not get rid of the acne completely, but it is bound to minimize it.
DIY Facial Massage
Facial massage stimulates blood flow, which is beneficial for minimising fine lines and the overall look of the skin, as overpriced salons put it.
But the truth is, you can achieve the same results at home. All it takes is to devote a few minutes every night to massage whatever product you use into your skin in circular motions with your fingers. And that’s it! Just be consistent.
    Written by Tilly Grant

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