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Article: The benefits of coffee for your skin

The benefits of coffee for your skin - Dr Botanicals

The benefits of coffee for your skin

What does coffee do when applied directly to the skin?
Improves Circulation
Caffeine increases blood pressure and blood microcirculation, the circulation of blood in the smallest blood vessels in the skin. This helps pump oxygen and nutrients to your surface tissues which helps the skin stay healthy and plump.
Reduces Cellulite
Bad circulation is associated with increased presence of cellulite. By increasing microcirculation with caffeine, you can decrease those dreaded dimples. Another way scientists think topical caffeine can help reduce the appearance of cellulite is by stopping cells from accumulating extra fat.
Decreases Inflammation
Caffeine can cause vasoconstriction (shrinkage) of the blood vessels. This helps decrease puffiness and mild inflammation around your eyes and face. However, if puffy eyes are a genetic trait, you may not see much improvement by applying caffeine.
Improves Psoriasis
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that caffeine has proven to be an effective treatment for psoriasis, a common skin disease that develops dry, itchy patches of skin on your scalp, knees, and elbows.
That being said, if you have psoriasis, you’ll definitely want to check in with your dermatologist for specially formulated caffeine products to target your skin irritation. Check out our Dr Botanicals coffee renewing Exfoliating scrub.


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