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Article: What are Superfoods:

What are Superfoods: - Dr Botanicals

What are Superfoods:

Dr Botanicals products are all 100% Vegetarian, 100% Vegan and 100% Cruelty Free. We often get asked how we make our products and where our ideas come from. The simple answer is that our ideas come from all around us.

The people of our planet have turned to nature to sustain life for thousands of years. Here at Dr Botanicals we call those staple foods, superfoods. We use it to describe the amazing succulent berries, the colourful fruits, nutritious vegetables, wholesome nuts and seeds that are all around us. We think they are amazing and we call them Superfoods.

All those species you'll find in the Amazonian Rain Forest, in deepest Africa and Asia. The fruits growing on a farm in Wyoming or Montana, in a bush on an English Country Lane, on an Orchard in the South of France. They have been here before us and those 'Superfoods' really are the joys of life.

We don’t rely on just one superfood in our products, but you find that mostly, we call out one hero that we all love. Favourites of our team include Avocado, Goji and Kiwi.

We create a blend and you can always check your pack to see that blend. One of our all time favorite products that is loved by pregnant mums and dry skin sufferers, is our Avocado Superfood Body Oil. It actually contains Avocado Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil - thats how we made this brilliant product. We always combine products to make sure that they are super effective, harnessing the best that nature offers us all.

 Richard Walker

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