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Article: Which Hemp Product Is Right For Me?

Which Hemp Product Is Right For Me? - Dr Botanicals

Which Hemp Product Is Right For Me?

In my previous post, we took a first look Hemp & CBD, considering what they are, and the benefits of these powerful ingredients for your skin.

In this email, we jump into The Dr. Botanicals Hemp collection and discover the merits of each product for our skin.

Best for Skin Nourishment
Hemp Bio-Vitality Nutrition Oil 15ml
which hemp product is right for me

With a formulation based on hemp seed oil, the Hemp Bio-Vitality Nutrition Oil is packed full of Essential Fatty Acids which are necessary for healthy cell membranes.

The polyunsaturated fats in this product also help protect the skin's natural oil barrier, vital for keeping skin hydrated, plumper, and younger looking.

This product is best applied at night after moisturising when the skin is most receptive to nutrition. Shop Now


Best for Daytime
Hemp Infused Natural Moisturiser 30ml
which hemp product is right for me


As Hemp has the ability to help correct a range of skin problems, what could be better than to wear this fixer all day long and enjoy its correcting benefits.

Packed full of Essential Fatty Acids (approx. 80%) and blended with Cocoa Butter, which is regarded highly for its ability to hydrate and nourish the skin and improve its elasticity, the Hemp Infused Natural Moisturiser is perfect for those looking for a lighter / non-greasy moisturiser that locks in moisture and protects the skin all day long. Shop Now

Best for Reducing Pores
Hemp Infused Super Natural Enzyme Mask 50ml
which hemp product is right for me

When you're looking to unwind after a busy day then look no further than the Hemp Infused Super Natural Enzyme Mask

Combining two powerful active ingredients - Hemp and Pomegranate enzymes - this mask begins exfoliating without the need for a scrub and draws out impurities to cleanse the pores leaving them visibly reduced in just 20 minutes. Shop Now

Best for Oily Skin
Hemp Stress Relaxing Antioxidant Night Moisturiser
which hemp product is right for me


Because our skin does most of its repair overnight, I believe its important to get your night moisturiser right for your skin type.

Given that my skin has a tendency to producing more sebum (oil) than I like, I find that the Hemp Day and Night Moisturisers together mean that my skin stays mattified for longer in the day, resulting in less runs to the bathroom with blotting papers! Shop Now

Best for Newbies
Hemp Super Concentrated Rescue Essence Serum 30ml
which hemp product is right for me

If you're not currently using a serum as part of your routine, this serum has smaller molecules which get deeper into the skin, creating the right environment to apply a moisturiser afterwards.

The Hemp Super Concentrated Rescue Essence Serum combines the benefits of water and hemp seed oil. If you have a tendency to oily and combination skin, your skin may be producing excess oil because it is dehydrated.

We believe that by applying an oil or serum as part of your skincare routine and introducing more moisture to the skin this way, it will save the skin from continuously producing oil. Shop Now

If you're new to Hemp and wish to add just one product to your skincare regime, make it this serum.

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In my next email, I will answer questions from you, our beautiful customers. If you have questions regarding Hemp & CBD and what these powerful ingredients can do for you specifically, please reply or message us on social and I will do my best to cover these in my next email.
To your beautiful skin.

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