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Article: Why you Need Lemon Butter in your Regime

Why you Need Lemon Butter in your Regime
dehydrated skin

Why you Need Lemon Butter in your Regime

Our Lemon Superfood all-in-one Rescue Butter really does it all. Our customers love soothing and nourishing every part of their body - from dry hands to neglected parts like elbows and heels. It works beautifully as a night moisturiser too, so you can wake up to effortlessly hydrated skin.


What's in it?

Our formulation is 96% natural and 100% vegan. It includes hero ingredients like Almond Oil. This oil is packed with vitamins A, B, D and E, which promote healing, protection and cell turnover, while nutritive fatty acids have been found to soften, moisturise, and replenish the skin. Coconut Oil is full of fatty acids and proteins which nourish the skin, and lauric acid can help to combat acne due to the way the acid reduces inflammation and bacteria. Shea Butter is known for its smoothing and moisturising action on dry skin. More than this though, it can regenerate and soothe the skin, protects from external factors like UV rays, and is rich in antioxidants and skin-loving vitamins A, E, and F. We use Lemongrass for a fresh, natural scent that our customers know and love.


Who can use it?

This butter is for anyone in need of a hit of instant hydration, anywhere on the body. Carry this around in your bag to moisturise on the go, and leave it on your bedside table so you remember to treat your hands and face before you sleep. The magic of this cream is that it's rich and hydrating, yet it doesn't feel heavy and sinks into the skin seamlessly.


Our Feefo reviews:

  1. “Gorgeous face cream... A real treat for my skin!”
  2. “Amazing for dry skin areas and soothing for itchy skin.”
  3. “It’s made a huge difference to my hands.”
  4. “Absorbs easily and smells amazing.”
  5. “I use this anywhere that’s feeling dry.”


You'll need to try this all-in-one moisturiser for yourself to believe it.

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