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Article: You said it!


You said it!

You Said It Responses


Are Brexit and the Coronavirus stopping your snoozing? These answers may surprise you...

We take skincare seriously. So when the opportunity arose to do some Market Research on our Pomegranate Sleeping Mask, we did NOT hold back in asking the big questions.

Our latest incarnation of the Pomegranate Superfood Sleeping Mask was released in 2020 and since it has hit the market, a lot of big things have hit us. London, our home base, has dealt with lockdown after lockdown, Brexit consequences and of course, the one and only Coronavirus. 

            Learn more about the benefits of Pomegranate in skincare.

We asked 88 UK-based folk (who had already tried our lovely Pomegranate Superfood Sleeping Mask) to tell us their thoughts on our mask, their skin and their sleep during these times!


Fast Facts - Of our 88 subjects...

  • 83 would recommend the mask to a friend or family member
  • 82 said they would purchase the Pomegranate Mask again
  • 72 people had never tried a sleeping mask before


The majority of responders also said that at £9.90 for 30mL they found the Pomegranate mask to be affordable and a whopping 94% said their skin felt moisturised and nourished after use! We’ll take that. 

Here’s where we got creative with our questioning…

While our results showed that the majority of participants felt their skincare routine had improved since the first lockdown (well - we are spending plenty of time indoors), the majority also claimed they have experienced worse sleep during this time.

When questioned about whether they believed current events such as Covid19 and Brexit were affecting their sleep, results were mixed. 32 people felt it definitely impacted their snooze-sessions, while equally, 32 responders felt it had no bearing on their sleep whatsoever (a cool 24 sat firmly on the fence and simply stated they didn’t know).

We may not be able to solve world issues here but we can definitely help you to sleep soundly knowing we’ve got your skincare sorted with our Pomegranate Sleeping Mask, specifically aimed at moisturising and conditioning your sleepy skin!

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