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Welcome to Dr Botanicals where you can buy Vegan Skincare Products

Searching for natural products for a flawless skin? The hunt for quality and 100% natural skincare products ends here at Dr Botanicals. We are a PETA approved vegan company that has the widest collection of beauty and grooming products for men and women. Many people have a habit of using natural products and try home remedies to cure the body and bring the shine back to life. For those people, we thought “why not introduce a natural and 100% vegan skincare range?” and since the idea, Dr Botanicals came into existence.

Dr Botanicals is a London Based brand that aims to provide aesthetic, skin care and body washing products. We believe that a beautiful face, clear skin, and bright body can be achieved without the use of chemicals. Uniting our ideology with passion, we launched the widest skincare range of vegan products. At the website, apart from beauty and cosmetic products, we also provide bath and body products for men and women. We have a strict policy of using essential oils, natural components and plants instead of using animal products like eggs, dairy products, silk, wool, fur etc. Seeing the increasing demand of natural routine and home remedies, we have also launched elite items for skin renewal and combo packs for advanced experience.

In day to day life, having a skincare routine is a must. But, every person has a different skin type and look for a product which suits their skin and solves the purpose. At Dr Botanicals, we have nutritious oils, serums, moisturisers, cleansers, creams, and scrubs for every skin type. May it be an oily touch or dry skin, acne-prone skin or ageing skin, we have products for every skin which ensure a healthier and younger looking skin.

So, next time you worry about losing your spark and skin going dull, check out our exclusive range and invigorate your skin.