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Our Values

Being vegan means you celebrate and cherish life.

"The Word "Veganism" Denotes A Philosophy And Way Of Living Which Seeks To Exclude — As Far As Is Possible And Practical — All Forms Of Exploitation Of, And Cruelty To, Animals For Food, Clothing Or Any Other Purpose; And By Extension, Promotes The Development And Use Of Animal-Free Alternatives For The Benefit Of Humans, Animals And The Environment. In Dietary Terms It Denotes The Practice Of Dispensing With All Products Derived Wholly Or Partly From Animals.
Donal Watson, founder of Vegan Society 1944.

Our values are hugely important to the running's of our company; therefore we ONLY use vegan ingredients and use biodegradable or recyclable materials where possible to package our products. Being vegan is something we've always been passionate about.

Our products are not tested on animals and do not have any animal ingredients in its composition.