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Article: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil - Dr Botanicals

Coconut Oil

What Is Coconut Oil?

Treat yourself to a luxurious tropical island experience of endless white sand, swaying palm trees and a beach lounger overlooking the blue ocean. In your own home! Coconut oil tempts the senses with aromas of the lush, exotic destination of your dreams.

Coconut oil is extremely beneficial for the skin and also offers a host of other health-based benefits.

The science behind Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut. This is the white fleshy part. That is exposed after the husk, shells, and testa (the brownish layer that lies between the kernel and the shell) are removed.

To extract the oil, two types of processes can be used - hot-pressed and cold-pressed.

Hot-pressed is less natural as the oil is often combined with chemicals to refine it. Hot-pressing uses the dried pulp of the coconut, known as copra. Copra is crushed or spun in centrifuges to extract the oil. These processes use solvents like lye that often leave unhealthy residue in the oil.

Extracting the oil by cold-pressing is a more natural process. It involves drying the kernels at low temperatures. They are then ground down, passed through filters, and washed with water to remove any impurities. This process preserves the natural scent, antioxidants, vitamins and essential nutrients, resulting in a smooth, high-quality natural oil.

What does it do for skin?

Coconut oil nourishes, hydrates and protects skin against the harsh elements of weather and pollution. Let’s look more closely at some of the skin benefits of Coconut Oil:

Great moisturising properties

Coconut oil contains large quantities of Vitamin F (linoleic acid) that help hydrate and protect the skin. These fatty acids provide a natural barrier against the elements, trapping moisture inside the skin. This leads to skin that looks hydrated, supple, glowing, and healthy. Using coconut oil as a moisturiser at night leaves your skin looking soft, smooth, and refreshed upon waking.

Reduces inflammation

Coconut oil contains high quantities of MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids). Almost all of them are lauric acid, a component that offers impressive anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. Coconut oil helps calm inflamed, irritated, and chafed skin. It soothes and protects, reducing itching, redness, and uneven patches.

Improve skin texture

Dry, flaky skin looks dull and unattractive. Coconut oil traps vital moisture, helping your skin become smooth, supple and young-looking. Coconut oil is very beneficial to women who suffer from uneven patches as it helps balance the skin and even out your skin tone.

Increases collagen production

Collagen is a vital natural component of the skin that helps it maintain firmness and elasticity. As we age, our skin loses at least 1% of its collagen every year. The lauric acid content in coconut oil helps the skin to naturally produce more collagen. This has a great impact on reducing those fine lines and wrinkles that no one wants!

Helps dark patches to fade

Another positive effect of boosting collagen is that it will help lighten skin and may even help reduce the appearance of dark spots. When combined with lemon juice, the effects are enhanced.


Coconut oil offers everything you need to counter the effects of ageing. Fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, dullness, and sagging are significantly reduced with the use of natural coconut oil.

Other benefits of Coconut Oil

Yes, here are some of them:

  • Using coconut oil in cooking offers a rich source of MCTs, a healthy type of saturated fat
  • Offers a quick source of energy before workouts
  • Can help reduce hunger pangs when you are on-the-go
  • Strengthens hair and boosts hair health
  • As a mouthwash, it reduces bacteria and improves oral health
  • May help weight loss by improving fat burning

    Can Coconut Oil be used by everyone?

    Coconut oil is safe for women of all ages. Like any beauty product, use it in moderation and observe the effects.

    Here are some of our high-quality, natural coconut oil products that can be used daily. Or as pure indulgence when you want to treat yourself to some well-deserved me-time.

    Our Lemon Superfood Rescue Butter is a must-have to keep in your handbag to nourish and hydrate your skin. The lemongrass acts as a natural cleanser and toner that immediately soothes your skin when you are on the go.

    Pomegranate Noir Indulgence Cream is light enough to use during the day, and also offers a rich nourishing treatment at night. It contains an exotic blend of Tiare Flower extract and coconut oil, providing a natural barrier against damage and dryness caused by the environment.

    Who shouldn’t use Coconut Oil?

    If you have a chronic skin condition, please consult your dermatologist for advice.


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