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Anti-Aging Serum Trio

Sale price€65,00 EUR

skinChemists Youth Series Hydrating Serum 30ml Polyglutamic Acid 1%, Vitamin C 3%

Our Hydrating Serum contains two powerful ingredients: Polyglutamic Acid at 1%, and Vitamin C at 3%. Designed to offer a consistent supply of moisture to the skin, the serum helps to battle fine lines and wrinkles while slowing down the ageing process of the skin. Plus, it aims to fight signs of pigmentation and seal moisture into the skin to leave it with a luminous effect.

skinChemists Youth Series Anti-Ageing Serum 30ml Vitamin C 3%, Ferulic Acid 1%, Vitamin E 1%

Formulated with Vitamin C at 3%, Ferulic Acid at 1%, and Vitamin E at 1%, our Anti-Ageing serum is perfect for diminishing wrinkles and smoothing fine lines.

skinChemists Youth Series Dry Skin Serum 30ml Marulua Oil 4%, Q10 1%, Rosehip Oil 4%

Our Dry Skin Serum, with Marula Oil at 4%, Q10 at 1%, and Evening Rosehip Oil at 4%, is a soothing cocktail of ingredients. It aims to protect against environmental damage, detoxify the skin and restore the skin's barrier. With the addition of Rosehip Oil, our serum can also assist with Rosacea and Eczema.

Anti - Aging Serum Trio - Dr Botanicals
Anti-Aging Serum Trio
Sale price€65,00 EUR