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Balancing Facial Roller Serum Kit

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Our Dr Botanicals Tiger Eye Harmony and Balancing Facial Roller stimulates collagen when passed over points, increasing skin firmness and reducing small wrinkles and expression lines, activates blood circulation by providing more oxygen to tissues and aiming in promoting cellular and skin rejuvenation, improves elasticity of the skin, promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces dark under-eye circles.

Use this roller as a stimulating massage, use it at night for about 15 – 20 minutes by rolling your face with either a moisturiser, serum or oil. Start at your chin and use upward motions towards your hairline. Then start to move up the face, making a U-shape from your nose to your ears. After you feel your lower face has had enough, you want to move to your eyebrow and forehead area. Make an arch over your eyebrows to the ears. The final step will be to roll from the eyebrow upwards toward the hairline and then horizontally across the forehead. You can also leave the roller in your refrigerator as it will de-puff your face and calm down.
Green Caviar Anti-Ageing Peptide Eye Serum
Size: 15ml

Key ingredients:
Green Caviar Extract-
High amino acid content to improve skin elasticity.

Glycerin –
A great humectant, provides moisturizing qualities to the skin.

Matrikine Peptide 6 –
Helping reduce appearance of wrinkles.

Product Description:
Our Dr Botanicals Green Caviar Anti-Ageing Peptide Serum aims to promote anti-oxidant protection and works its magic by increasing hydration and retention levels of the skin. This concentrated serum is infused with Green Caviar and Matrikine Peptide 6 which is known to deeply moisturise, improves the skin’s elasticity, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our age-defying facial serum aims to strengthen the skin’s barrier function while healing the skin. This lightweight textured serum absorbs into the skin easily and should be used every morning and evening after cleansed skin.
Balancing Facial Roller Serum Kit - Dr Botanicals
Balancing Facial Roller Serum Kit
Sale price€201,00 EUR



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