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Article: Almond Oil

Almond Oil - Dr Botanicals

Almond Oil

What is Almond Oil?

Apart from being tasty and filling, snacking on almonds offers the body a rich source of healthy fats, proteins, and vitamins. But did you know that the oil in almonds offers amazing skin benefits too? 

Almond Oil has been used for centuries by the ancient Egyptian and Greek cultures, who valued the oil for its nourishing and medicinal properties. Almond Oil was also considered to have spiritual significance, recognized as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Today, it is incorporated into skincare products to provide protecting, nourishing, calming, hydrating, and soothing benefits.

The Science behind Almond Oil

For those of you who enjoy behind-the-scenes stories, here is some info on how Almond Oil is made.

There are two main types of Almond Oil, Bitter and Sweet.

Bitter Almond Oil can be toxic if eaten. It is used in massage therapy, aromatherapy, and soaps.

Sweet Almond Oil is the more commonly used oil and is found in skincare and hair products.

The oil is extracted by using two methods, cold pressing and expeller pressing.

Cold pressing is a method that uses pressure to extract oil from almonds without the use of heat. This helps to preserve the nutrients and antioxidants in the oil, making it a more natural and effective option for skincare. Cold-pressed Almond Oil is commonly used in high-quality skincare products due to its high nutrient content and lack of harmful chemicals.

Expeller pressing is a method that uses heat and pressure to extract oil from almonds. While this method is faster and more efficient than cold pressing, it can cause some of the nutrients and antioxidants in the oil to break down, reducing its effectiveness as a skincare ingredient. Expeller-pressed Almond Oil is often used in less expensive skincare products, as it may not provide the same level of benefits as cold-pressed Almond Oil.

Almond Oil is incorporated into many daily-used cosmetic products including:

  • Facial cleansers
  • Body butter
  • Brightening serums
  • Lotions
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Soaps
  • Lip balms
  • Body washes

What does it do for skin?

We love Almond Oil because it is natural, light, and easily absorbed by the skin, without clogging pores and leaving a heavy greasy residue.

Here are some of the many benefits it offers for skin.

Provides hydration

Hydrated skin is the firm and plump with a healthy glow. Almond Oil easily absorbed into the lower layers of the skin, working as an emollient that provides long-lasting hydration, helping to moisturise and smooth skin.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Almond Oil is high in Vitamin A that contains retinol. Retinol has the ability to stimulate the production of new skin cells. By doing this, your skin fills out and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Other signs of mature skin like crow’s feet and smile lines, also benefit from the application of Almond Oil. Your skin looks softer, plumper, and more youthful.

It has great anti-inflammatory properties

The anti-inflammatory properties of Almond Oil come from 2 compounds - Linoleic acid and Oleic acid. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. Oleic acid is another type of healthy fatty acid that helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin, reducing inflammation and soothing dry or irritated skin.

It can reduce UV damage

While exposure to the sun can give you a glowing golden tan, it can also be harmful, drying out the skin and causing dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin E, a nutrient that has antioxidant properties that prevent cell damage and reduces UV (Ultraviolet) damage. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids that are known to safeguard against sun damage.

Help to reduce scars

Scars caused by acne, surgery, or injury are significantly reduced with regular use of skincare products that contain Almond Oil. It is rich in Zinc, an essential nutrient for healing facial scars. Stretch marks are also visibly faded and your skin looks more toned and softened.

It is a great body conditioner

The hydrating, soothing, and softening effects of Almond Oil, are not only beneficial for the face. Use it on your elbows, ankles, neck, hands, feet, and knees to soften, moisturize and smooth your skin.

Does Almond Oil have other health benefits

Almond Oil is great for hair. It is known to reduce hair loss and help with dandruff by reducing inflammation and soothing the skin. Are you having a bad-hair day? Applying a small amount of Almond Oil to the ends will hydrate your hair and decrease fizziness.

Can Almond Oil be used by everyone?

Almond Oil is safe for all types of skin and women of all ages. Try our glorious Lemon Superfood All-In-One Rescue Butter, designed to transport you to a tropical island with a seductive blend of Shea Butter, Almond Oil, and Coconut Oil with the freshness of Lemongrass. It has a beautiful natural scent and instantly soothes and hydrates dry, flaky, red, sore, or tired skin. Apply it in the morning and keep a tube in your tote for on-the-go relief. This light buttery formula is easily absorbed and you will never feel greasy. Apply it to all parts of your body from elbows to knees, hands, and face.

Who shouldn't use Almond Oil?

If you are allergic to nuts, you should seek professional advice before using Almond Oil. Always consult your dermatologist if you have a chronic skin condition.


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