Natural and vegan skincare products 

Dr Botanicals is the leading vegan and natural skincare company.  We are passionate about skincare and beauty, natural and vegan and we strongly believe that the products we offer guarantee the results that our customers need for their skincare routine. If you are interested in becoming part of our distributor network, contact us by filling the form!

Want to get in touch directly? Please contact either:

Richard Walker, Founder

Mohammed Nadeem, Managing Director

About us

Dr Botanicals is a Minority & LGBTQ+ Owned Beauty Brand from London, England. We are natural beauty junkies, we love everything about fruits, plants, and vegetables. Ethically made, never tested on animals, and always 100% Vegan friendly. Our formulations harness natures goodness, energy, and vitamins.

London Head Office
Skin Research, 1st Floor, 56-60 St John Street,London, EC1M 4HG, England

Our partners 

At Dr Botanicals, we love to build successful collaborations. More than just a brand, Dr Botanicals is a trusted partner. We already have strong partnerships with worldwide brands who want to develop their natural and cruelty-free skincare presence. 

A strong B2C community / Why our customers love us

The relationship with our customers is very important to us. With more than 6K reviews we strive to make our customer community dynamic by offering them a complete customer service by listening to their needs.

Our Philosophy

We want to offer products that are not only good for our customers but also good for the planet. In addition to being a company that is toxic free,we are proud to aim to be carbon free by the year 2025, and to only use recycled products in our packaging by 2023.

A large range of natural and vegan skincare products 

At Dr Botanicals we offer a wide range of natural and vegan products to fit a variety of people. We are constantly striving to create more problem-solving, natural products for people always on-the-go. Our research labs work hard to be leading the way in innovative developments which allow us to harness the power of botanical extracts in new and exciting ways! 

Innovative marketing 

Marketing Support, frequent launch of new products, media coverage, promotional eventworking closely with our partners, maximize sales, support to growing together  

Logistic & Operations

In order to enable the fastest and most qualitative delivery of our skincare products, we currently have warehouses in the UK, Europe and USA. We are looking to expand our logistic bases to include : Asia, Australia and South America

Head office location